Teresa Suardi

I’d like to introduce my self: I am Teresa Suardi, Italian artist and alive in Bergamo, stupendous and rich city of art. My ancient passion for the art and the painting I have been able to cultivate it  from autodidactic, only in the last three years, conceiving and creating so carefully and passion MIRRORS . or better…MATERIC PAINTING, fully done absolutely by hand. I have wanted to paint only the frame leaving the possibility to whom looks in the mirror placed at the centre to complete the creation, really getting into what he “sees“ around he. Up today, I have been devoted to show / local exposures, but following nice appreciations received, I would like to approach a more bigger audience, giving me the opportunity of making known my creations at national and international level.     - ALL MY CREATIONS ARE : : Unique pieces, numbered, listed and signed. They are created and conceived with so much care and passion, to give a touch of style and originality to your house. ENTIRELY  CREATED  BY HAND  to become exclusive and recognizable products ALL ON WOOD TABLE ,in different qualities and dimensions WITH  MIRROR  IN GLASS (3 mm), applied with a special glue that makes it very resistant to possible bumps  THE  FRAME that comes to create is stuccoed  (acrylic chalk) in more resumptions to eliminate the gradient between wood and glass ALWAYS HAND PAINTED,  inclusive edge,  with different and personal techniques with acrylic colors PROTECTIVE base water’s varnish READY TO HANG, in vertical or orizontal ; they have special crossbars on the back two  (two or four, fixed to a minimum of 3 cm  from the edge ) THOSE ARE ”STAND ALONE”, they have on the back a nut what it allows to screw or to remove a screw of fit length to sustain the work with the due inclination, Others my creations are visible to this klink  https://www.facebook.com/terry.s.55

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